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Friday, May 06, 2016

  • Over the years, I have occasionally submitted articles written by my children.  I give them full credit for the writing, but take a little credit for their ability to do so. Credit for this awesome article goes to my nineteen-year-old daughter Abby Truitt. 

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  • Having my childhood and early adult life pretty evenly split between Indiana and Tennessee, I find that my allegiance is often torn.  There are so many things I love about the Hoosier State; the first signs of spring after a long, hard winter, pork tenderloin sandwiches bigger than the hog they came from, and some of the kindest, most friendly people you could ever hope to meet. 

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  • Sunday, April 10 marked the eighteenth year since my mother’s sudden death at the age of forty-seven. This means it is time for my annual public service announcement.  If your spleen has been removed, please, make sure you talk to your doctor about appropriate vaccines.  And then, maybe get a second opinion as to how often you should receive those vaccines. 
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  • I sped down the interstate as comfortably as I could in the raging thunderstorm.  Lightning cracked across the evening sky, but I couldn’t stop because I had a dinner date with my girlfriends in Dayton, Ohio.  

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  • I can’t stop smiling. It started when I rode that camel on the beach in Morocco, and continued as I followed my intuition wherever it led. Trekking through the ruins of a kasbah where I discovered a new art form involving green tea and a propane tank. Hiking alone over a rugged mountain trail in Italy, and turning at the top to find a glorious view of the Mediterranean. Climbing onto a rooftop to view the vast array of stars splashed across the dark desert sky, and sharing a kiss with a handsome stranger.
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  •   I’m sitting here in a Holiday Inn, staring at a blank page, and feeling terribly distracted by the fact that London is right outside my window.  I have not explored the city yet because I arrived late last night, and immediately fell asleep. 
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  •   He spoke Arabic, but perfectly communicated to me the process for making a cup of tea. Following his example, I carefully crushed mint leaves into the small red pot of water, tossed in an extraordinarily large cube of sugar, and then three times poured the tea from the pot into the glass and then back into the pot again.

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  • My kids and I have a history of silly, cold-weather activities, ranging from making snow angels in our bathing suits to swimming in glacial Lake Superior. This Saturday, my middle daughter and I will be plunging into the icy cold waters of Eagle Creek. The purpose is threefold. Not only will I be able to mark “Polar Plunge” off my 50x50 list, but it also serves to raise funds for The Special Olympics, and gives us a memorable mother/daughter moment for the weekend of her nineteenth birthday.

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  • If you’re not on Facebook, then you are missing a lot of fun.  You might also be missing drama, wasted time, and intimate knowledge that you’d rather not have of people’s day-to-day routines. But in spite of the potential downsides, I enjoy Facebook a great deal.
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  • “What do you want for breakfast,” I asked eight-year-old son.


    “We don’t have salmon.”

    “I mean spammon…errr…Spam. I always get Spam and salmon mixed up.”

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  • This past year has been difficult, to say the least.  Becoming a single mom after twenty-four years of marriage, redesigning my life, creating an entirely new future than the one I had always envisioned…all of this has wrought a great deal of stress in my life.

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  •   Last week, after much consideration, I sent the following message: “I am in serious need of unconditional love. So I am going to have a gathering on Friday night for women I love unconditionally.  We will start at 6:30. I hope you all can make it!”

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  • Sometimes, when I am out and about, I realize that I am not quite ready to go home. And by “go home” I don’t mean die and go to heaven.  I just mean I need to find some stillness within myself before jumping back into the midst of the household.

    My vehicle has always been my “safe” place to think, feel, and just generally let my heart and mind wander in whatever direction they feel compelled. 

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  • So, I have red hair now.  It is fading somewhat quickly, and I haven’t decided whether or not I will choose this particular color again.  My hair had become extremely blonde. And when I say “had become” I mean, every time I went to my stylist, Cassie, I asked her to make it a wee bit lighter.  By the end of the year, it was pretty much white. I liked it, but was ready for a change.

    The first time I mentioned going red, Cassie talked me out of it.  She has spent nine years coloring and highlighting my hair in whatever shades suit my fancy on any given day.  But in one area I have always been consistent…I never wanted a hint of red.

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  • I’ve been hanging out down in Chattanooga for a couple of days. Meeting with friends I haven’t seen for a quarter of a century, and taking a bit of time for a much needed respite from the craziness that is everyday life.  The holidays pretty much zapped my will to live, but I’m optimistic about the new year, and am trying to start off right.
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