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Monday, February 08, 2016

  • All of us are ware that several days ago the Crawfordsville community lost an icon in the community.  Ken Coudret was my friend, mentor and colleague.  Like many have already stated it is impossible to measure the impact a coach makes on a young man.  I too, want to share some stories of my working with “Coach” over the last twenty years. 

  • I thought about what you asked for concerning the many “stories” that involve Ken.  I soon realized, after thinking about it for more than the few minutes we were on the phone, that coming up with the “right” story was going to be more difficult than I imagined.  I have been lucky enough to know and work with Mr. Coudret through the many years . . . after his role as South’s first football coach.

    After much arguing with myself . . . I kept coming back to the first time I met Coach. This was sometime during the spring of the last year at Ladoga High School. All the boys headed for high school at the new facility that next year were asked to assemble in the gym to meet the new coaching staff. Keep in mind that this was a time of great anxiety, confusion and disagreement for our little community. Our school, as we knew it, was going away and few were happy about it. Stories, rumors and opinions were running wild. The tension in the room was obvious.

    And then “he” walked into the room. He didn’t walk to the stage . . . he didn’t address us from center court. Coach walked right up into the bleachers and knelt down with a football in his hand. He looked right at each one of us and held that ball up, using it as his pointer. Needless to say, we were silent (and scared to death). Here was this mountain of a man, standing among us, arms folded on his knee, “pointing” that pigskin at us.

  • Most fans assume that “bitter rivalries” mean that opposing coaches don’t like or respect each other. That, in some cases, may be the truth. But in many cases opposing coaches do have a great respect for one another.

    Montgomery County has lost a great coach, great teacher and great leader, Ken Coudret.  While Ken and I were opposing coaches, I considered him a mentor, as well as a friend. I learned very early on that Coach Coudret believed in more than just winning games. Yes, on Friday night he was a fierce competitor, but 365 days out of the year he was a man committed to teaching great morals and values.

  • A proposal to clamp down on publicly recorded government videos is headed to a vote at the Indiana House of Representatives, in a move that could keep all public video recordings secret.  Indiana House Bill 1019, which sailed through a House committee with a unanimously favorable vote, “restricts public records requests for law enforcement recordings” and requires a court order to release recorded police body camera video.  The bill was introduced by Hartford City Republican Representative Kevin Mahan.

  • The Crawfordsville Street Department just concluded another year of leaf pick up for the city. We again coordinated our efforts with the Storm Water Department. This collaborative effort has resulted in a much more effective and efficient method to the city’s annual leaf pick up program.

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