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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

  • Exciting things are happening within the Montgomery County Republican Party.  So many new people are filing as Republican candidates for precinct committeeman, state delegate, and county elected offices.  There is a wonderful renewed interest in getting directly involved in our local civics. 

    Two factions have evolved in recent years, and that offers Republican voters a big choice at the May 3rd election on what political principles they want their local Party and its nominees to follow.  One faction is committed to upholding the principles of the Republican platform.  In the other faction, its prominent members have said they do not intend to hold themselves accountable to a platform.

  • The bizarre economic theory of government-planned economic development is a disturbing one.  I think Craig Ladwig of The Indiana Policy Review said it best in his article titled, “Keeping the Crony Out of Capitalism.”  He explains that if you look at the annual reports from all the various economic development outfits around Indiana, you will be impressed… as long as you don’t ask too many questions.
  • The time has come for a new economic plan for Montgomery County.  Our community has given the progressivist faction within our local government twenty years to prove their “economic development” strategy.  But after paying over $1 million to Montgomery County Economic Development corporation’s planners, and $30 million for their recommended “economic development” projects our community has little to show for it.  The Commerce Park sits empty after 10 years.  Accelplus went bankrupt.  MCED has not proven any of its specific actions contributed to any of the jobs that have been created in that time period.  It’s time for a new approach.
  • At the last round of City Council, County Council, and County Commissioner meetings, a few of our courageous elected officials questioned why taxpayers are being forced to spend so much money on “economic development.”  That’s a very good question, indeed.  In the last 20 years Crawfordsville and Montgomery County have spent $4.5 million on a Commerce Park, $5 million on a building in the Commerce Park, $16 million on a fiber-optic network, almost $1 million on the Courthouse parking lot, $2.4 million on the airport runway extension, over $1 million on Montgomery County Economic Development corporation, and $120,000 on Amtrak subsidies.
  • Since being elected Montgomery County Republican Chairman in 2013, I’ve heard a lot of people claim how they’ve been a “registered Republican” for a number of years.  That always puzzles me. 
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