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Sunday, February 14, 2016

  • The hubs, Jim, and I met this week’s guests at the Pizza Hut.  Where else, right?  Hey, my buddies like the buffet there, too.  Started out as a great meal and an ever better interview when the answer to my first question was, “Well, he’s 88 – he wasn’t that old when I married him!”
  • Well, I have absolutely no problem knowing when I met this nifty gal which was way back in her teen years when she waitressed at our A&W. What a great waitress she was, too. In fact, Bill Zach, my father-in-law, moved her from car hop to waitress after only two weeks. That’s the ultimate compliment!
  • Alumni banquets, Library functions, Post Office passings are where I’ve come into contact with this sweet lady.  She’s always smiling and speaks a nice word or two.  A graduate of Waveland HS, she was born in Danville, Illinois.  Back home to Wallace, Indiana, her parents later moved to the huge brown house with six bedrooms upstairs going into the Shades the old way.  She even sold Souvenirs at the Shades with Libby Frisz.  Five brothers (Bob, Bill, Dale, Ronnie, Rick) were pests and pals.  Her father was Wilford Woodrow Wendall, simply put, Jack, and mother, Kathryn Harper.  Although people often thought she’d be spoiled being the only girl, she has worked hard all her life.  In fact, she’s a little power house!

  • This week’s couple just makes me smile.  They are sweet, energetic, talented, hard workers.  Plus, they are fun.  I’ve known his family since I was little, and have been around her many times but I have a distinct memory of when I got to know her.

    She was our daughter, Suzie’s, wedding planner.  It was so pleasurable working together to create such a beautiful affair.  A specific memory of Suz’s ceremony was one neither of us planned, however.  All of a sudden, Suzie rolled in laughter.  Steve had put a large, ugly vending-machine ring on her finger.  Certainly, a memorable time in our gal guest’s wedding coordinating career.

  • This week, my guest is a bit of a repeat from the last person.  Just a bit.  They are both young and graduates from North Montgomery High School, plus I met them in regard to mutual hobbies.  Last week, genealogy/history; this time, reading.  My gal and I hit it off immediately because if you’re a true reader, there is always something to discuss.  She and I have certainly talked about several works since we met in the Dewey’s Book Club at the Crawfordsville District Public Library.

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