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Monday, April 24, 2017

  • A world-traveler, Karen thinks he likes C'ville the best
    Thursday, April 20, 2017 4:00 AM
    My guest this week was the first of three sons to be born in a hospital (Evansville) near their country home. A sister arrived later. His father was a general manager over eight counties for a feed company. In high school (Booneville), a teacher influenced him to get involved in reading current events, an activity important to his life yet today. Even considers himself a “social studies nut!” Certainly, we have that in common!
    Also during high school, he was heavily involved in music, playing an alto sax during concert band and drums in dance band. After high school, he headed to ISU. His educational time frame produced an oddity. Staying in the exact place, he attended Indiana State Teachers’ College, Indiana State College and Indiana State University, due to name changes. 
    Then, going to college was reasonably inexpensive at $5/credit hour plus he had a part time job in a Sub way, but not the places called that today: “It was more of a greasy spoon!” Completing his education, it was to Crawfordsville to teach. Glad he chose Montgomery County.
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  • Play together, pray together and stay together
    Thursday, April 13, 2017 4:00 AM
    I’ve had some rollicking good times writing the Around The County articles, but do believe I laughed the hardest at this one. Non-stop laughing. We even laughed in the middle of a deep discussion or two. 
    Received the name of these two for an interview from three different people. All said because of their unique family, how it is blended so beautifully. That certainly was what the big topic was and there were some hilarious stories.
    This, I believe, is the third time I’ve had a younger son join in. All fun, but this one was a hoot. In fact, let’s begin with him. I knew his grandfather well and thought that he was one of the best men I’ve ever known. Never a time he wouldn’t help anyone with whatever was needed. A lot of time was spent with this young man and his grandpa, and they did something I’d never heard of before and probably won’t again, but I simply loved it. Grandpa’ was big on going to do something, get out and play a sport, or work outside. When our boy’s grandfather would pick him up at school or various places, the young one was always asked what he’d like to do. Typical answer, “Watch t.v.” However, this grandparent had quite a different view of how that was done. They’d sit and watch, “Black t.v.;” in other words, nothing was on. Plan well instigated as soon, it was time to go out and do something. When I asked the fellow what he’d like to be (dad had already hinted at such), he immediately piped up he wanted to be a policeman and was going to shadow one for the day yet this week. Also, he is thinking of flying as on a recent vacation, he saw the Blue Angels in exhibition. Something in sports or who knows? After all, he’s a football, basketball, baseball playing Freshman at North so he has plenty of time.
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  • Meet Mom and Daughter with rhyming names
    Thursday, April 06, 2017 4:00 AM
    This week, up is a mom and daughter. Just missed them for an interview for the March Montgomery Memories, so I decided to feature them in my ATC article. Luckily, they were good with that!
    Although Mom worked at the A&W, first as a carhop, then inside waitress, it was when Jim and I were in Lafayette, so I didn’t get to really know her much. I had known who they both were ‘cause they went to New Market, and I of course was at WHS. Yet, it was in later years when our sons, their Jeff and my Jay, went to South together and were in various activities, that we were together more.
    In even later years, Jeff coached our grandson, Dane, in tennis at Tuttle. So, our paths have crossed several times, yet, we’d not sat down to really visit much, so enjoyed our time together for this article.
    Beauty was the topic for the MM, which is your number one hint. My interview was with a beautician, and her daughter, who will add pedicures and manicures to the shop. More on that later.
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  •  South grads having North grads . . . what a hoot
    Thursday, March 30, 2017 4:00 AM
    Have you ever known someone for several years and then, all of a sudden, you realize something about ‘em? Maybe that they are exceedingly funny, or down-right smart, or in this case, it hit me how pretty my female half this week really is. What was interesting, was that her husband was saying it as I was thinking it. He, I’ve known for many more years and I’ve always thought, and will probably never change my mind, that he is a Dennis-the-Menace kind of guy. Goofy, and a bit of a stinker but everyone loves him. Definitely, these two have talents!
    For this week’s get-together, hubs and I ventured to a new place for us, The Joshua Cup, and enjoyed it very much. I had a strawberry-banana smoothie; Jim, tea and the best cinnamon roll ever. I had just a bit of the corner and it was fab!
    New Market baseball was where I first met this young man. He and the Taylor twins, Dave and Dan, coached our son and a bunch of great kids in Pony League at South. The kids loved ‘em and wonders of wonders, the parents did, too. Great year! Also got to know his brother via genealogy; but I didn’t get to know this week’s young lady until my fella’ began dating her several years later.
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  •   Mama's Angel boy wouldn't shoot pool, would he?
    Thursday, March 23, 2017 4:00 AM
    Met this fellow fairly recently on Facebook when I asked a diabetes question. He helped me a great deal and we discuss history, too. Also, I used to know his older brother fairly well and absolutely adore his sister.
    A New Market graduate, he said, “I was never good at sports. Played Little League once, and that was enough for me!”
    He won golf clubs though and took to that. At age 26, he bought his little brother (more than 3 x 5 years younger) some basic bargain basement clubs and they played. He said, “I taught little bro all about the game,” ending with, “Joking!” Really, the Williamsons did. Both still enjoy golfing, though.
    Another sport our fella’ enjoyed was shooting pool. “Mom made my dad choose between her and pool. He loved playing at Bank Cigar Store, sometimes leaving her sitting in the car.” Choice must have worked. They were married 64 years. 
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  • He loves to brag that he married an older woman
    Thursday, March 16, 2017 4:00 AM
    These two 1987 Southmont graduates certainly did not date in high school. Different crowds, wouldn’t have been done, but a few months afterwards, he called her up and they went out. It certainly has worked since they will be married 25 years Sept. 5. As they said, “It was destiny!” 
    Quite a tease, he also said, that she hit him in the head and when he woke up, he was married. She added, “No, I kept after him, wore him down and he finally asked me on his birthday with family there.” Also, he wanted to make sure I knew that he married an older woman (six months so). Plus, I wondered about their lengthy four year dating process – why so long? His answer was, “Why be in a hurry?” We laughed and she said, “That’s his philosophy of life and our daughter is just like him!” My gal guest is a let’s get it done and their son is like her. More on the younguns later!
    Anyway, in high school, he mainly played golf, as it didn’t hit hunting season like football. She managed tennis and baseball. His family had a golf scramble every year, so he kept that sport up until he broke his wrist.
    He had owned 34 acres with a trailer on Highway 41. He sold it then they purchased a home in Browns Valley where they still live. First day in it, he had it about ½ gutted before she even got there. They lived upstairs while working down. It’s an awesome place!
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  •  This week’s guests are certainly in tune
    Thursday, March 09, 2017 4:00 AM
    Grand time with this week’s couple, at the PH; however, it was a bit tense at the start. I asked questions back and forth, but at one point, he got a bit long-winded and we heard, “Shut up already, or I’m not going to be in this article, at all.” I’m sure my mouth dropped open, but then he giggled. We all giggled a lot! 
    So, I best start with her, then we can both stay out of trouble. Kidding, it was all in fun (I think). A CHS graduate, she was involved in music, being number one chair in clarinet and the student director of both band and the girls’ chorus. 
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  •  They first met at Pool's and  later fell in love at Walmart labs
    Thursday, March 02, 2017 4:00 AM
    Newlyweds! My guests this week just celebrated their first anniversary. Married on Valentine’s Day, this pair wed in her church, Grace Avenue, where she noted that as a kid, “I went every Sunday, Sunday evening and Wednesday night.” Although they don’t go quite that often, they do enjoy going to church and visiting various ones, including New Hope and New Life, along with Grace Avenue.
    I’ve known my fella’ today since before he was born. His mom and I have been friends since we were tots, our parents in turn being good buddies. We discussed a lot of fun times we had when he was a youngster. I was going to ask him if he remembered the time there were nine of us stuffed in my Chevette, but I forgot. Another fun time was going on the Janie show. We spent many wonderful times swimming at our house, grilling out at another couple’s and eating at his folks. Many laughs and giggles.
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  • Guest's top game was 279; Karen bests him at 285, sorta
    Thursday, February 23, 2017 4:00 AM
    Alamo is where my fella today hails. Born at home in Ladoga, he began school in Alamo, attending 4th-9th at New Market, then graduating from AHS with the class of 1955. On Facebook not long ago, I saw the neatest picture of him working at Midstates in the 60s, and just had to track him down. Really enjoyed getting to know not only him, but his daughter and sister, as well as some of the AHS group of ’55. Fun time visiting with all of them at the Waveland restaurant on Saturday morning.
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  •  This week features quite the traveling family
    Thursday, February 16, 2017 4:00 AM
    Recent Around the County guests told me about this couple, and sure am glad they did. He’s a nephew of one of my good friends and she, is just a gem! Besides that, she fed us German cookies, and they were so yum. Now, there is a very good reason why she gave us German treats. That’s because she was born and raised in Guntersblum, Germany. 
    Our male guest grew-up next door in Parke County, but has spent the majority of his life in Crawfordsville where he has worked 29 years at R.R. Donnelley’s. A 1979 Turkey Run graduate, we had the same English teacher, Ralph Williams, who spent many years teaching at TR. Our guest was also a band member, playing alto sax. I admire him greatly for beginning college at the age of 50. He will soon have a two-year degree with Ivy Tech in Industrial Maintenance, and would love to go on to get his bachelor’s.
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  • This week’s guest is impressed with Impressionism
    Thursday, February 09, 2017 4:00 AM
    The first thoughts of this young fellow and his family stems from long ago at St. Bernard’s Catholic Church when I was always in awe of what a fine outstanding group they were. Each looked like they had just stepped out of a Sears Magazine, dressed remarkably, shoes a shinin’, hair perfect. They filled up one long pew and there was no nonsense, for sure! Dad, mom and eight children. Love that his middle name is Joseph and three brothers carry that middle name, as well. He noted, “We were a very structured family; we had to be to get anything at all accomplished!” 
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  • ‘Together Forever’ is motto for this week’s couple
    Thursday, February 02, 2017 4:00 AM
    Our gal was a labor and delivery nurse and saving aluminum cans for a special purpose. “One of these days, I’m gonna’ buy a boat!” A trusted friend, Carol Sparrow said, “Hey, I know a good guy with a boat!” So, a blind date was arranged, and my two met at the Holiday Inn, then went to Carol’s to play cards. That was in September of 1989 and it was off to elope at Gatlinburg, Tennessee in March. Do your math. It’ll be 27 years in a few weeks! “Together forever!” is their motto.
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  • These two are suburban farmers north of Alamo
    Thursday, January 26, 2017 4:00 AM
    Today’s couple tell me they are suburban farmers on the north side of Alamo with five head of cattle, four Alpacas and multiple 4-H pigs. 
    Although he loved sports when he was young, by the time high school rolled around, he had to rush home to farm. Same when he worked at Puritan, Crawford Industries and Raybestos, he’d rush home to work. They still live on that farm with 146 acres that Dave Turner farms for them. Easy guess that he graduated from Alamo. 
    So, where’d he get a band and choir member, SSS and yearbook staffer from Darlington High School? Well, the drive between the Dog’n’Suds and Country Diner of course where many great romances of Montgomery began. She, her sister and two friends were cruising and honked at him and some of his friends. “Let’s follow ‘em,” and the rest is history. 
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  • A Warrior and a Flyer . . . why not?
    Thursday, January 19, 2017 4:00 AM
    Watched him play Warrior basketball as a senior when I was a freshman cheerleader for the Hornets. No laughing, it wasn’t that long ago! Think I’ve always known her. Her dad and mine were pretty good buddies. Her whole family used to come in to the A&W and stuck with us through the whole Zach’s Family Restaurant era, as well. Love her sister and passed brother. Certainly had a great visit with my couple at their lovely home near New Market. Do wish I’d have taken a different angled picture of them but tell me about it later, don’t you look ahead.
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  • Doesn’t matter where you are as long as family is there
    Thursday, January 12, 2017 4:00 AM
    My couple this week met at Hardee’s when she worked there and he and his pals went in to drink coffee. However, it wasn’t but a few months that she brought the group back to Zach’s. I say back to Zach’s because she had worked for us five years during her CHS school days. Second time around was 1987 until we closed in ’96. As per her high school involvement, mainly, she just worked. After all, there was lots of entertainment at the restaurant, someone to hassle or someone hassling her, in a good way, of course. It was a fun place most of the time!
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