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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

  • A hundred or so years ago I was a cub reporter working for Marlis Gaildene Hamilton and learning more about news than a guy who started out in the toy department (known as sports) should. Back in those days, sports writers didn’t often make the jump to news. I guess the powers that be figured if we had trouble dealing with grouchy coaches we’d never make it with even grumpier politicians.

  • Notes scribbled on the back of a train ticket to Punxsutawney, Pa. . . .

    Just for the record, I believe it’s incredibly stupid, irresponsible and downright silly to make such a big deal about whether or not we’re going to have an early spring based on if a rodent sees its shadow. I mean, c’mon people. How backward can we possibly be? Everyone already knows that wooly worms and the number of fogs in August gave us all the info we need.

  • What you hold in your hands – be it a bit of newsprint or an electronic device – is just the method used to read these weekly meanderings. Truth to tell, if you’re holding paper and ink, there just isn’t much there in the way of raw materials, is there? It’s just a little bit of paper and an even smaller amount of ink. If you’re reading this on your phone, tablet or some electronic device, then the product is nothing but a bunch of electrons. Yet, somehow, thousands of you wonderful readers invite us every day to come into your homes.

    Believe me, it’s an invitation we appreciate. Deeply.

  • Hospital, city on move

    You’ll pardon Terry Klein, chief operating officer for Franciscan St. Elizabeth Health – Crawfordsville, if he’s beaming a little these days. Ditto Dr. Tim Tanselle, Pam Miller, Nancy Sayler and a whole lot of other folks at the hospital.

    They are part of the team that are heavily involved in a $15.3 million investment in our local hospital from the good folks at Franciscan. The plan includes the addition of a brand new emergency room as well as improvements and additions in imaging equipment and remodeling.

  • Montgomery County has a new group of warriors, the very best kind. This group of 16 dedicated men and women are taking on two extremely tough foes by wading into battle, taking the first punch square on the chin . . . and have found themselves still standing.

    Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my privilege to introduce you to the participants of Challenge ’16!

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