It was all about support.

Many people who attended the sold-out benefit concert for Luke Menard Saturday night said they were there to support him in his battle with cancer. Several of those occupying the 800 seats in the Crawfordsville High School Auditorium also said they drew strength in return from the faith exhibited not only by Menard by all the performers.

As a bonus, all who were there were also treated to "an outstanding concert by an incredibly talented and diverse group of musicians," said Daniel Araujo, who'd driven from Lafayette to hear all the performers for the first time.

All the publicity had sparked his curiosity enough to prompt him to buy a ticket early, before they sold out in a matter of days.

"I'm awfully glad I did. I didn't know just what to expect but this was quite a treat - and I'm glad to help the cause, too," he said.

Former teacher Susie Locker had both Luke and his sister Rebekah in her class when they were sixth-graders - and their mother Joanie taught Locker's daughter years ago.

"It's nice to see how they've blossomed," she said.

Steve and Susan Waye have been acquainted with the Menard family over the years.

"He's a pretty talented young man," Steve Waye said of Luke.

"It's kind of amazing to have a local boy who was on national TV. The Menards are a good family, too. We know that," Susan Waye added.

One young fan, Marlee Sills, said she and her friend Cammi French were there "because we want to support Luke. We watched him on 'American Idol' all the way through."

"We're here because we want to support Luke in his fight," said Kathy Tobias.

"Also, because we're interested in Christian music and that's what they do - and a capella, I'm interested in that," Peggy Bane said of Chapter 6, the vocal group of which Luke is a member.

Bill Boone was another former teacher in the audience who had Luke in school years ago.

"He's an outstanding young man. I followed him all the way through the 'American Idol' thing, too," he said.

"I'm so inspired by all of this," said Gail Merriman during a brief concert intermission. She said that especially applied to "So Much More", one of the songs sung by Luke which also served as the evening's theme.

"The whole idea that there's so much more than what we can see and looking beyond ourselves; they present it all so well," Merriman said.

Curtis Stevens said the evening made it clear that Menard's rise to stardom on 'Idol' didn't change him.

"As high as he went, he certainly is very grounded and that really comes across," he said.

Chris Thompson said the whole evening served as "just an indication of what this community really is; how it rallies around someone in need."

"Just to be part of all this - even to be a part of all the difficulty he's going through - is kind of an honor," he said.

"It really should be an inspiring thing to all of us."