The show of support for Luke Menard continues.

A benefit concert for the former 'American Idol' star is set for 7 p.m. July 26 in the Crawfordsville High School Auditorium.

Headlining the concert is Chapter 6, the a cappella singing group of which Menard is a member. Also performing will be Greg Jasperse, Luke's sister Rebekah and his wife Lara.

"If people are planning to go, I would advise them to act quickly. We anticipate it being sold out," said LaRhonda Zachary, a family friend of the Menards and member of the planning team for the benefit.

The Crawfordsville High School auditorium seats about 800 people.

Zachary said Monday that she and Luke's parents have already sold all the tickets they each had on hand

"We all took some to sell. I've had people stop by my house to pick some up," she said.

She said the idea for the event came about because "a group of friends got together and decided they wanted to do something to help Luke with his medical expenses."

Chapter 6 had the same goal so the two groups joined forces to plan the concert, Zachary said.

Shortly after his elimination from the Top 16 on American Idol, Menard was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma

Jazz pianist Greg Jasperse is a friend of Menard's, Zachary said. His sister Rebekah, who now lives in Boston, is an opera singer who studied at the New England Conservatory of Music.

His wife Lara appears with the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes during their Christmas Spectacular.

"It's going to be a great concert," Zachary said.

Brisk ticket sales serve as just one example of how concern for Menard remains strong, she said.

"People ask me all the time 'How is Luke?" she said.

"Luke's doing very well. He has a few days of being tired after chemotherapy but other than that, he's doing OK," his mother Joanie said Monday.

In fact, Luke plans to sing with Chapter 6 at the concert and will also unveil some new songs he's been working on, she said.

The family has already had a chance to hear samplings of those.

"I'm not sure which ones he's going to use. We all have our own favorites," she said.

Joanie said Luke goes for his chemotherapy treatments every other Thursday at Athens Medical Center. The concert was scheduled on an off-week to accommodate his desire to take part, she said.

Joanie said the family continues to marvel at the widespread outpouring of concern and affection for her son.

"It's just been so above and beyond. We've just been amazed and so appreciative of the support," she said.

"Everyone feels like they know Luke now. He gets cards and notes every day, saying 'We're praying for you' or 'Can't wait to hear the new music."

Fans have also told him about people they know who are also dealing with Hodgkin's and how well they're doing, she said.

Joanie Menard said when her son came back to Crawfordsville in the spring, his wife Lara said - at the April 3 rally in Luke's honor at Crawfordsville High School - that she'd never before seen such an impressive show of community support.

"But since then, they've continued to top it," Joanie said.

Since the news of his illness broke, she said, Luke has joked that he's more popular now than when he was on 'Idol.'

"He believes everything happens for a reason. We just think it's all part of God's plan," she said.