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Saturday, April 25, 2015
  • A green thumb is usually a good thing. But when it comes to the Crawfordsville Redevelopment Commission it seems the color might have as much to do with spending green stuff as it does growing it. 
  • The dead are buried in Newtown, Conn. In a few days, a week maybe, the media will leave town and Newtown's Sandy Hook Elementary will become the latest in a line of names - Columbine, Aurora, Virginia Tech - that scar our nation's psyche and tear at our hearts . . . 
  • Economic development is important to Montgomery County. There has been a lot published in these pages about how economic development is being carried out here.

    Let us be clear. We think tax money needs to be invested in economic development. County Commissioner Phil Bane's plan to increase the amount of money allotted toward economic development by five-fold is not a bad plan. There have already been examples of businesses that have not chosen Montgomery County because there was no mechanism in place to provide quick answers. Bane's plan would fix that. 
  • It's amazing that in a predominantly Republican community, it almost appears that elected leaders seem to think big government is the answer.

    Take the issue of Montgomery County Economic Development.

    For years, the City of Crawfordsville and Montgomery County contributed money - your tax money - to MCED for economic development. 
  • There have been 25 fatalities along U.S. 231 since 2003, according to information supplied by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT.) 
  • The fox is watching the henhouse, again. Or maybe, when it comes to your money, no one is watching?

    At a meeting Monday, Montgomery County Commissioners expressed concern about the expense of Open Door Law information requests. Terry Hockersmith, Jim Fulwider and Phil Bane discussed a $7,907 bill the county received. According to Hockersmith, that's what it costs the county to comply with open door requests regarding Assessor Kelly Ewoldt's improper use of the county email system. 
  • Not long ago on this page, The Paper said that regardless of winners and losers, this election was going to be an interesting one in Montgomery County.

    This morning, we feel no different. 
  • It used to be a rule in politics that being the incumbent was a distinct advantage. In today's world? Not so much. 

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