Now that the tears have dried and the dust has settled for the Southmont softball team. I am sure the "what ifs" have been running through everyone's mind. What if McKenzi Jordan did not get hurt in the seventh inning?" "What if a more few at bats would have given the Lady Mounties a chance to score?"

Sure the what-ifs can eat you up if you let them. What happened is Southmont made history and made it to the state title game, battled with all their hearts and ended up runner ups. Which is still pretty awesome!

So here are my "What ifs?" What if this was not just a good run as I have heard it called? What if this is just the beginning of a dynasty in a program?

Perhaps the 2014 team will be just the beginning of many years of domination. I have no doubt that other teams have let a sigh of relief that Jordan graduated this year. Seriously who would want to face her? She started out as a freshman pretty good and just got better each year.

Guess what, back up pitcher Morgan Laws is also a good pitcher. She will be a senior next year and took over as a leader immediately after the game Saturday.

While hugging and consoling an upset Kaiti Chadd, Laws quickly and confidently said, "We will be back next year! I will be the pitcher and I plan on working my butt of to get us back here. We will be back!"

There you have it . You see while I think what Southmont accomplished this year was amazing. This really can be just the start them. They lose three very good seniors in Jordan , Korbin Myers and Cali Wetli. However, they have a lot of good players coming back in Laws, Chadd, Rachel Welliever, Brooke England, Payton Thompson and Sydney Casteel. All of which have been a huge part of the Mountie success and are now hungry for more!

Beyond the current players, I have no doubt that the 2014 team has inspired younger players to want to achieve greatness as well. I saw lots of excited young girls cheering on the Mounties Saturday. Now they to want to have an opportunity to play in a state championship, because let's face it, it's been a pretty great thing to be a part of for players , fans and future players. So now those that are left and those that will follow in Mountie Softball uniforms will have to put in the hard work and be dedicated to the program. With travel ball and extra effort. Winning never comes easy!

Thanks to the team of 2014 the bar has been raised high for Southmont softball. I still can't help but think what if this year's team was the start of truly a great run of dominance for many season to come?

Now I have one more "What-if." I saw a photo of a young Britney Froedge (now Carpenter) standing next to her dad John after a Crawfordsville game all decked out in her blue and gold. So what if in 20 some years this photo resurfaces in the media as Haley Carpenter is about to coach her team to a state title.

It could happen. After all...coaching is in the genes in the Froedge, Carpenter, Welliever clan.