Well I hope many of you were able to get out and watch the intra-squad scrimmages Saturday of our local high school football teams. I enjoyed getting out and being able to shoot some football. All three scrimmages were spread out throughout the day giving me plenty of time to see the action at each school.

This Friday the teams will get to scrimmage against other teams. Crawfordsville will host Sheridan, North Montgomery will be at McCutcheon and Southmont will be at Greencastle. I'm sure the teams are ready to see how they fare against competition. Let's face it, the football teams are tired of practicing and doing drills. They are ready for making some hard tackles and want prove they need some varsity time.

Over the past week, I have been busy taking head shots of all the fall athletes and varsity team photos. Now I don't want to embarrass anyone. However, when taking a photo of one of the cheerleading squads for the schools program. They requested that the "yellow thingy" be in the back ground of their photo on the field. Ladies the yellow things that stands up in the end zones are called goal posts. Not trying to get to technical or anything, just trying to help you out a little.

I don't want you to think I'm picking on cheerleaders, so I'll pick on everyone equally. OK student athletes I understand you are of the selfie generation. So please understand a selfie is when you take a digital device usually a cell phone and take a photo of yourself and maybe some others are scrunched into the photo as well. Therefore, when I take your picture even if it is just of one person . . . it's still a plain old fashion photo, not a selfie. Throughout photo sessions many athletes came up and said they want me to take a selfie of them.

Actually I will admit it I have tried the selfie picture and I'm not very good at it. Beyond that, I really don't need photos of myself those - would never pay the bills.

As a photographer I prefer everyone to smile for their head shots. Usually that is an easy request for the female athletes. However the football players want to give the tough guy stare down. Since I appreciated those that show me their nice smiles...I picked a few football players that love the game so much that it makes the smile. Heck! I love my job so much I'm usually smiling behind my lens as I take the photos.

Thanks to all the athletic directors and coaches for helping the photo day process go smoothly at each school. We really do appreciate all of your help.

All the schools are back in session this week and fall sports are raring to go and so am I. Can't wait to see you all out there for the new seasons of sports action. I'm ready to capture the accomplishments of all of our athletes.

Lori Poteet is The Paper's ace sports photographer. You probably have seen her out at one of the local high schools. She usually has a camera in her hand. Lori's column, From Behind The Lens, will appear each Tuesday in The Paper. You can also follow her on Twitter @LoriPoteetPhoto.